Biden Goes Blank At 2024 Question: “I Don’t Know”

( – According to reports, Joe Biden is about to be thrown under the short bus.

The Democrats are eager to change its image, elevating the next generation to leadership positions.

Earlier this month, Pelosi, Hoyer, and Clyburn resigned from their leadership roles to make room for the newer, more radical politicians.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden made a speech at the White House Tribal Nations Summit.
After he finished speaking, a spectator yelled, “Four more years!”

Joe Biden replied, “I don’t know about that.”

Biden has not declared his intention to run in 2024. It appears that the Democratic party is preparing to exile him.

Biden has hinted at his intention to seek reelection in 2024 numerous times. He is already the oldest president in American history at the age of 79, and Democratic supporters who want the party to find an alternative placed period as their top concern.

Younger voters were susceptible to Biden’s detractors and the need to change course. In the poll, 94% of Democrats under 30 said they would choose a different presidential candidate.

With 39 percent of respondents saying they had a favorable image of Mr. Biden, six percentage points more than his job approval, voters appear to like him more than they like his performance as president.

Democrats stated they preferred a different nominee in 2024 for many reasons, the most common of which was his age (33 percent), closely followed by dissatisfaction with his performance. One in ten Democrats felt he wasn’t progressive enough, and almost one in eight Democrats indicated they wanted someone new. Smaller percentages voiced skepticism over his chance of winning and mental sharpness.

This year, younger voters have regularly given Biden poorer ratings than other age groups, but that percentage has now plummeted to a pitiful 19%. Young voters have been the driving force behind the Democratic party’s recent victories, so it’s no wonder they will kowtow to them.

The Democratic party feels they need to refocus on fundamental democratic changes and reform the Senate, the Supreme Court, and state governments to fulfill their progressive vision. Fundamental change requires youth. Look for the Democrat party to pivot toward installing young radicals into positions of power. Holding designs in the streets is not enough. According to the left, the riot has to occur in congress.

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