Biden Has the Lowest Approval Rating Among Generation X

( — The latest NPR/Marist poll found that Generation X has the highest disapproval of President Joe Biden, NPR reported.

According to the poll, 62 percent of Gen X voters disapprove of the president, with 52 percent “strongly” disapproving.

Biden’s disapproval among older Americans is slightly less grim, with 48 percent of the Silent Generation and 48 percent of Baby Boomers disapproving. Meanwhile, half of Gen Z and Millennials disapprove of the president.

Older voters are less likely to “strongly” disapprove of Biden, with 41 percent of the Silent Generation and 39 percent of Boomers. Likewise, only 35 percent of Gen Z/Millennials “strongly” disapprove of the president.

San Diego State University Psychology professor Jean Twenge told NPR that of the adult generations, Generation X is the “most Republican.”

Twenge, who authored the book “Generations,” said the political leaning of a generation is typically formed by the popularity of whatever president was in office during their adolescence or young adulthood. Generation X was largely defined by two presidents: the wildly unpopular Jimmy Carter and the very popular Ronald Reagan.

Fueling Gen X’s disapproval of President Biden is the current economic concerns facing their generation. Gen Xers are confronted with aging parents, child-rearing, increased housing, food, and energy prices, and the challenge of saving for retirement.

While Generation X is the one that coined the term “political correctness,” the current woke culture is deeply unpopular among Gen Xers, Twenge said. She explained that Gen Xers pride themselves on “being able to roll with the punches” and engage in debates with people who disagree with them.

While Generation X is not as culturally conservative as the Baby Boomer generation that preceded them, Twenge said they are nowhere near as culturally progressive as the generations that followed them.

RealClearPolitics senior elections analyst Sean Trende, a Gen Xer, told NPR that Generation X could be described as “cultural libertarianism,” which is why things like wokeness or cancel culture reverberate negatively with Gen X.

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