Biden Just Gave Putin The Excuse He Needs For War In Ukraine

( During his first press conference in 78 days, President Joe Biden offered some very bizarre and frightening remarks about the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Biden appeared to concede to Russia’s demand when he suggested that NATO had no plans to make Ukraine a member anytime soon.

Then the president suggested Vladimir Putin has boxed himself in and may have “no choice” but to invade Ukraine. He also conceded that the Russians would be victorious if they did invade, saying Moscow would pay a “heavy price” but “they’ll be able to prevail over time.”

He also inexplicably suggested that if Russia launched a “minor incursion” into Ukraine, Moscow could get away with it without facing consequences.

That inexplicable remark was swiftly “clarified” by the State Department and White House press secretary Jen Psaki, with both assuring the country that any incursion into Ukraine would result in a swift reaction from the West.

Over the weekend, it was reported that the State Department is now urging Americans in Ukraine to leave the country, leading some to fear a repeat of the disaster that unfolded in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, according to Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin, President Biden is considering sending a few thousand US troops to Eastern Europe and the Baltic States as part of a larger NATO effort to bolster its allies bordering Ukraine and Russia.

Yes, the bungling President whose own reckless words are increasing the tensions, is now considering sending American troops to Eastern Europe to face off against a nuclear power.

Griffin reported that during his various meetings while hiding out at Camp David over the weekend, Biden is considering sending between 3,000 and 5,000 troops to Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. According to Griffin, “other NATO countries may also contribute troops.”

Biden is also considering deploying naval vessels to make port stops in NATO countries that may feel threatened. The equipment and troops in these proposed actions would come both from the United States and from NATO.

And on Monday, NATO announced that it was sending fighter jets and ships to Eastern Europe.

Is President Biden willing to drag the United States into a war with Russia?

Well, his polling is in the toilet and his domestic agenda has died on the vine. Is it really difficult to imagine that the White House might try to salvage Biden’s failing presidency by dragging us into war?

Presidents have dragged us into war over far less.