Biden May Drop Healthcare For Veterans To Help Illegals Instead

( Next month the Biden administration will be terminating Title 42, the Trump-era order that allowed border patrol to immediately expel illegal aliens looking to cross the southern border. Even with Title 42 in place, the administration’s lax border security has allowed over 2.5 million foreign nationals into the country since Biden took office. And in May, the floodgates will be opened completely.

In anticipation of the coming disaster it is creating, the Biden administration is reportedly considering ways to deal with the anticipated surge the end of Title 42 will cause.

In a thread on Twitter last week, Fox Business reporter Hillary Vaughn said one of the things the administration is reportedly considering to deal with the flood of illegals is diverting medical personnel from the Department of Veterans Affairs to assist in vaccinating the crush of non-citizens at the border.

Vaughn reported that one source from Customs and Border Protection told her the White House is considering taking medical services from veterans and giving “free medical attention to illegal migrants.”

The source also told Vaughn that to expedite processing, the administration is considering doing “minimal biometric data and vetting” of those crossing the border. Vaughn reports that this expedited process means critical paperwork and vetting used to confirm the illegals’ identities will be skipped.

According to her source, the administration is anticipating as many as half a million people turning up once Title 42 ends. The source told Vaughn that there aren’t enough people to handle the volume expected. “It’s literally going to be a revolving door,” the source said.

Vaughn reported that the Biden administration is expecting the number of illegals crossing after Title 42 ends will be double the number that crossed in 2021.

The Biden administration’s decision to end Title 42 even has some Senate Democrats, especially those up for reelection in November, calling foul.

Last week, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin condemned the White House’s “frightening decision” especially in light of the current “unprecedented increase” in illegal border crossings this year.