Biden Official Says It’s Time To “Empower” Children To Take Puberty Blockers

( The fella who thinks he’s a woman whom Joe Biden made Assistant Secretary for Health said this week that the administration wants to “empower” “transgender” youth to get “gender-affirming” treatment.

Richard “Rachel” Levine appeared on MSNBC Monday where he decried Republican-led states that have passed legislation barring so-called “trans” athletes from participating in women’s sports and preventing doctors from subjecting underage children to chemical and surgical mutilation.

Levine told host Andrea Mitchell that “trans” kids are the target of bullying and political attacks, and that they should be permitted treatment that affirms their gender identity.

He said trans kids should be affirmed, supported, and empowered.

Last month, this dude in a skirt claimed that there is no debate within the medical community over whether children should be permitted “gender-affirming” treatment.

That’s a lie, by the way.

Levine also told Andrea Mitchell that “trans” kids suffer more mental health issues.

Ya think?

Of course, Levine doesn’t believe they suffer mental health issues because believing you are the opposite sex is mental. He believes their mental health issues are the fault of “harassment and bullying.”

He falsely claims that there is nothing “inherent” about being gender-confused that “would predispose youth to depression or anxiety.”

Who precisely is Levine trying to convince here? The public? Or himself?

On Tuesday, The First TV host Jesse Kelly hammered Richard Levine for his remarks and warned conservatives to fight back against this insanity: