Biden Officially Endorses AOC’S EXTREME “Green New Deal”

( Gone are the days of the “moderate” Democrat Joe Biden. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee introduced a plan on Tuesday that would adopt the key ideas put forward in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s “Green New Deal.” The plan put forward by Biden adopts the same goals and principles as the socialist congresswoman’s plan, but simply adds five years to achieve it all.

You’ll probably remember the Green New Deal from last year when AOC proposed making switching all of the United States’ energy usage to renewable sources. AOC said that the nation could achieve this by 2030, by switching all resources to wind and solar. Under Biden’s policy, the United States will be powered entirely by wind and solar (or at least he says) by 2035. It’s the same policy, it just gives the country more time to change it…and hopefully develop technology that harnesses solar and wind power in a way that doesn’t involve huge spikes in energy generation and long periods of zero activity.

Plans like this have already been put in place in some states. In California, the state government had committed to becoming 100% renewable by 2045, ten years after Biden’s goal, but there is yet to be any movement on developing a reliable plan to reach this self-imposed deadline.

And while it may seem like a nice idea, switching to 100% renewable energy sources would wreak havoc on the national economy, and do so in favor of an energy industry still in its infancy.

It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that Biden has adopted AOC’s policy almost in full, given that she sits on his climate change policy committee. Just think about that – a man who has long been considered a moderate is now being pushed to adopt the most extreme left-wing policies of any mainstream political campaign in American history. These are the policies you might expect from fringe communist parties, but they’re coming from the Democrats.

Back in 2019, Biden laid the groundwork for adopting radical plans like this. In the second debates between other Democratic presidential candidates, he said that he would end fracking and coal, as well as all other fossil fuels.

Weirdly, though, he also recently said that fracking isn’t “on the chopping block.”

So I guess nobody really knows what his plan is?