Biden Officials Stand Down After Court Blocks Their Latest Agenda

( A Louisiana federal judge has blocked the federal government from repealing border restrictions that were put in place during the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Biden administration has announced that it intends to comply with the order.

The border restrictions are more commonly called Title 42. The health measure was put in place under former President Donald Trump, and it’s been used as a way to deport in excess of 1 million people who migrated to the U.S.

The Biden administration was hoping to allow Title 42 to expire on May 23. Many immigration experts had predicted that doing so would lead to yet another increase in illegal crossings through the country’s southern border.

The district court judge in Louisiana said that he would block Biden’s efforts to end Title 42 until the administration negotiated with border states led by Republican governors and legislatures.

On Tuesday, Politico reported that a high-ranking official in the White House said the administration would comply with that order. While the official complained about the judge’s order, he said before the move was made official:

“If and when the court issues the TRO [temporary restraining order] the department is planning to comply with that order. It really makes no sense to us that the plaintiffs would demand, and the court would order, that [Department of Homeland Security] be stopped in its use in expedited removal, which is going to prevent us from adequately preparing for the aggressive applications for immigration law when public health expires.”

Also on Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security announced its plans for how it would deal with migration surges at the southern border once Title 42 is no longer.

That plan included an increase in transportation and medical support resources to be placed at the southern border, though the plan isn’t drastically different from what the department initially released in early April.

Even Democratic members of Congress criticized that plan when it was initially announced. One such person who called DHS’ ideas inadequate was Mark Kelly, the Democratic senator from Arizona.

At the time, he commented:

“The administration hasn’t even prepared, and they don’t have a plan for what to expect. Forget about the unexpected part, I’m just asking for the first part of this. We know what the situation on the ground is going to be. Let’s come up with a detailed plan and put it in place — and I just haven’t seen that.”

The TRO issued by Robert Summerhays, the district judge in Louisiana, will be in place for the next 14 days. The next hearing for this case is currently scheduled for May 13.

During that time period, the Biden administration isn’t allowed to process additional migrants who come from any of the countries in the Northern Triangle, which includes El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras — which they were going to do through Title 8 instead of Title 42.