Biden Operatives Sign Lease Deal For Illegals To Be Housed At Luxury School

( Illegal immigrant children will be staying at the closed American Hebrew Academy, the 100 acre luxurious campus in Greensboro, North Carolina thanks to the Biden administration reportedly securing a five year lease on the property after it closed. The housing comes amid the Biden administration’s efforts to make coming illegally to the country as easy and comfortably as possible.

The private school opened in 2001 and shut down in 2019 after financial difficulties. The campus has various recreational activities, including an indoor swimming pool, large lake, track and field, tennis courts and a baseball field.

The academy will begin housing the illegal immigrants on July 1. The Board of Directors announced that the property will be used as a facility specifically to house unaccompanied children who crossed the border and during their stay they will be placed with family or provided with “vetted sponsro.”

They added that during their stay at the campus, “the federal agency will provide schooling, mental and medical services, case management, legal services, and recreational opportunities.”

Eight Republican congressmen from North Carolina penned a letter to the Health and Human Services Secretary Xaxier Becerra last week, asking when the government was in communication with the school, raising concerns over the department allegedly misleading Congress about their intentions.

“What actions are being taken by the Biden Administration to ensure the use of the Academy as a transitional campus does not pose a danger to North Carolina communities?”

The congressmen also asked how much this will be costing taxpayers. As far as their concerns go, writing a letter was all that was done.

Democrats have admitted to implementing a “transformative plan” that would add one million foreign born residents onto voter rolls, affecting the makeup of key swing states, Breitbart reported. “More than 2,300 green card-holders were naturalized every day in Fiscal Year 2021,” the outlet wrote based on immigration data.

Since as late as 2018, nearly one million immigrants have been naturalized and added to the voter rolls. Upon becoming citizens, they nearly always vote for Democrats as research shows that areas predominantly containing naturalized citizens overwhelmingly vote blue.

Many outlets have acknowledged the Democratic strategy to bring unfettered immigration into the country in order to secure a political majority and subsequently change demographics. Axios reported that “The single biggest threat to Republicans’ long-term viability is demographics.”