Biden Reverses Threat And Changes Course After Going After Lawmakers

( On Saturday, President Joe Biden withdrew his ultimatum that would have required Republicans to pass a further tax and spend bill in order for the latest bipartisan infrastructure deal to be passed. The presidents had previously threatened to veto the legislation if Republicans didn’t promise to pass a bill that could be as large as $6 trillion next year, which would have funded various far-left social causes.

Biden claimed that his comments created the “impression” that he was threatening to veto the plan that he had agreed to and that it was not his “intent.”

Right, sure.

The president issued the statement in a 600-word document published by the White House. It was signed by the president.

But anybody who can remember as far back as last week will remember what he said on Thursday. President Biden said that the nation needs physical and human infrastructure.

“Human infrastructure”?

He said that Democrats will need to do that “through the budget process” and that America needs a “fair tax system to pay for it all.”

When the press pushed the president to explain how he expects to get the legislation through Congress, he said that he controls it, and if “they don’t come,” he won’t be signing it. “Real simple,” he added.

The White House then spent the next two days trying to mitigate what he said, but Republicans immediately called him out on the comments and questioned whether he was interested in making a deal at all.

Which it seemed as though he didn’t. If the Democrats were to push a bill through the budget reconciliation process, then they wouldn’t need 60 votes in the Senate to make the legislation happen. They’d just need 50.

Biden said over the weekend that the bottom line is that he gave his “word” to support the bipartisan infrastructure deal, and that’s what he intends to do.

We’ll have to wait and see on that one…