Biden Sabotages Trump Order To Target 3rd World Country Migrants

( The stunning images of the mass of twelve thousand mostly Haitian illegals camping out under the International Bridge have put the Biden administration in a bit of a bind. So much so that administration this weekend began loading these illegal Haitians onto planes and flying them back to Haiti.

These swift expulsions ordered by the administration are possible thanks to a pandemic-era order put in place by former President Trump in March 2020. This order authorizes the immediate removal of illegals without an opportunity to seek asylum. The only change President Biden made to this order was exempting unaccompanied children.

However, it is the Biden administration’s inconsistency in applying this Trump-era order that is of most concern. While Haitians are being sent back, the Central Americans who have been flooding into the country are not subject to this kind of rapid expulsion – this despite the fact that Mexico has agreed to hold Central American illegals under the March 2020 pandemic-related order.

Mexico announced on Sunday that it too would begin deporting Haitians back to Haiti. One Mexican official said that in addition to expelling Haitians on the Mexico side of southern border, the country is also rounding up and expelling them from the area near their border with Guatemala where the largest number of Haitians are located.

It was reported on Wednesday that Haitians aboard two of the flights to Haiti attacked the pilots after one of the planes arrived in Port-au-Prince.

The unrest broke out shortly after a flight arrived on Tuesday. The deportees, all single males, were being released to Haitian authorities on the tarmac when several of the men stormed another recently-arrived flight carrying families. The men assaulted the pilots while the passengers were still on board. Three ICE officers were also attacked during the melee.

According to DHS, Haitian crowd control officers responded and got the situation under control.

By Tuesday, a little over one thousand Haitian illegals camped in Del Rio were deported back to Haiti. In total, about 4,000 of the 12,000 illegals were either deported or moved to processing centers along the border.