Biden Said Inflation Wouldn’t Be A Problem – But Here We Are!

( On Wednesday, the Labor Department said that inflation in April reached a 40-year high of 8.3 percent, following months of increasing prices. While the Biden administration blames the price increase on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the White House previously claimed that the rise was just “temporary.”

Last July, President Biden argued that his enormous spending plans weren’t driving up prices on everything from bacon and bread to gas and electricity, claiming that inflation is “temporary” and “anticipated” following the COVID-19 outbreak.

About 60% of price rises, according to Biden, are due to “transitory factors” tied to COVID-19, such as timber and semiconductor shortages, and aren’t an indication of significant long-term inflation-linked to deficit spending.

According to his experts and the statistics, Biden assured us that most of the price hikes we’ve observed were predicted and were expected to be transitory.

Biden also believed that massive spending would lower inflation.

“If inflation is your major concern right now, you should be even more pleased about our approach,” Biden remarked from the State Dining Room of the White House. “These measures will raise our productivity while lowering prices and preventing inflation.” It will relieve inflationary pressure.”

A year later, Biden is singing a slightly different tune but with the same chorus.

On Tuesday, he was going to show a disgruntled populace that he cares about their dire circumstances. He said, “I want every American to know that I’m taking inflation very seriously, and it’s my top domestic priority.”

Instead, he reverted to hackneyed cliches about how no part of the recent price rise is his fault.

The buck always stops someplace else with Biden.
While he can no longer claim that inflation is “temporary” (unless you define temporary as the length of time needed to vote him out), he is still singing that it’s not his fault.

When asked if he took any blame for the problem following his speech, Biden said no, adding, “I think our policies assist, not damage.”

Well, Joe, just because you say something doesn’t mean it’s true.

According to Fox News, only 36% of people approve of Biden’s handling of the economy. And that was before the most recent fuel price spike in history. Regular unleaded is currently $4.37 a gallon throughout the country, up from $4.20 last week and $2.97 a year ago.

In light of this, the White House had to know that the president’s “I care” presence would make little impact, raising the issue of why he bothered. One assumption is that Wednesday’s inflation report will be much worse, and Biden’s staff saw a benefit in getting ahead of it by assuring people that he genuinely understands their agony.

Biden’s dire economic situation underscores why Democrats are pinning their hopes on a Supreme Court decision that will undoubtedly overturn Roe v. Wade. The White House and Senate Democrats are attempting to stoke public outrage by backing protests outside the homes of some of the judges.