Biden SCOTUS Commission Releases Preliminary Report

( Last week, President Biden’s commission on the Supreme Court released its preliminary report revealing members are divided on the question of “court packing.”

While some commission members support the move of expanding the Supreme Court, others conclude that doing so is “likely to undermine, rather than enhance” the legitimacy of the Supreme Court “and its role in the constitutional system.”

The commission concluded that there are “significant reasons” to be skeptical over how court packing “would serve democratic values.”

While Congress does have the legal authority to expand or reduce the number of justices, the commission points out that there is widespread disagreement on expanding the court. The commission notes that the risks of court packing “are considerable,” arguing that it could ultimately undermine the very goal of its proponents of restoring legitimacy to the court.

Even those who support court packing admitted during the commission’s public hearings that if expanding the court is done “in the near term and all at once,” it would be seen as a partisan maneuver.

The commission also pointed out that there is little public support for expanding the Supreme Court.

At the same time, the commission suggested that court packing might improve the Supreme Court’s “public reputation” by letting a president “select individuals who reflect the rich diversity of the nation.”

They argue that decisions from a “more diverse judiciary” could possibly be “more informed.”

While the commission was split on the idea of expanding the number of Supreme Court Justices, they were more aligned on the idea of term limits as well as rotating judges between the Supreme Court and lower courts.

Naturally, Left-wing lawmakers and activists were not at all happy with the commission’s findings because anything short of endorsing wholesale court-packing was never going to satisfy them.

House Progressives Jerry Nadler, Hank (Guam will tip over) Johnson and Mondaire Jones released a statement slamming the commission’s report as insufficient. They demanded that Democrats ignore their findings and pack the Court anyway, arguing that court packing was the only way to “undo the damage” done by Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell.