Biden Sparks Backlash For Ditching Medal Of Honor Ceremony

( — After a video surfaced of President Biden exiting a White House Medal of Honor ceremony before the concluding prayer, various social media users expressed their concerns and criticisms. The video highlighted the president leaving the event earlier than expected, which led some to question his respect for Captain Larry Taylor, the U.S. military veteran receiving the esteemed honor.

The ceremony took place on Tuesday, celebrating the heroics of former U.S. Army Captain Larry Taylor. At 81, Taylor was honored for his bravery during the Vietnam War in 1968, when he risked his life to rescue four comrades from imminent danger. Biden described Taylor’s courageous act: “Amidst the encompassing darkness, only the faint glow from Lieutenant Taylor’s cockpit controls provided light. Then, a whispered message came through his radio, ‘We’re surrounded.’ Understanding the perils, Lieutenant Taylor didn’t hesitate.”

As the event neared its end, Biden draped the medal around Taylor’s neck. However, before the audience ceased their applause and the concluding prayer could be recited, Biden approached the exit.

Videos from Medal of Honor ceremonies in 2021 and 2022 indicate that President Biden typically stayed on stage during the final prayer and exited only after the White House band started playing.

On X, the platform previously known as Twitter, users voiced their observations and critiques:

“Immediately after presenting the Medal of Honor to Army Captain Larry Taylor, Joe Biden left the venue. The ceremony wasn’t over, and Biden missed the final prayer,” said a post from

Young Americans for Liberty commented, “President Biden unexpectedly exits amid the Medal of Honor event, missing the benediction.”

Conservative commentator Graham Allen expressed, “It’s disheartening to see Biden leave before the Medal of Honor ceremony concluded.”

Bonchie from wondered, “Why did Biden leave while the applause was still ongoing during a Medal of Honor event? Was he confusing it with another event?”

Podcaster Ryan Knight stated, “Biden’s unexpected departure from the veteran honor ceremony raises eyebrows. Some supporters remain unquestioningly loyal.”

Marc Thiessen, a Washington Post columnist, pointed out, “Traditionally in East Room ceremonies, attendees stay seated while the president leaves only after the event concludes. This abhorrent behavior seems to have been an oversight on Biden’s part.”

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