Biden Staffer Wrote An Afghanistan Policy Paper Sponsored By A Chinese Communist Influence Group

( Another day, another disturbing revelation about the Biden administration’s deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party…

This time, it comes from the Center for American Progress, a well-known left-wing think tank that has been hugely influential on the Biden campaign and on the Biden White House. New reports suggest that the think tank partnered with a Chinese Communist Party-connected group to influence reports on American policy in the Middle East.

The National Pulse uncovered a paper from 2015 that was sponsored by the Chinese Communist party. Entitled “Exploring Avenues for China-U.S. Cooperation on the Middle East,” the paper was co-authored by Melanie Hart, who is currently President Joe Biden’s China Policy Coordinator in the Office of the Undersecretary of State for Economic Growth.

The paper is clearly just another effort by the Chinese Communist Party to influence the American federal government into making decisions that will benefit China – and the timing of the uncovering of this old report is particularly concerning. With Afghanistan in disarray, China is already railing against the United States for being unable to properly execute a safe withdrawal from a foreign country.

In the 84-page document, the authors encourage the United States to work more closely with the extremist Chinese Communist Party to establish a greater presence in the Middle East.

That’s the last thing we need. More forever wars in the Middle East, but this time with China on board…

The report also called on the United States to support the Chinese “Belt and Road Initiative,” a global infrastructure development strategy that was put in place by 2013 and sees the Chinese Communist Party investing in almost 70 countries…and sometimes not to their advantage.

In short, the document encourages the United States to support Chinese international growth plans in exchange for support in new wars in the Middle East.

With people in the White House who write documents like this, is it any wonder the withdrawal from Afghanistan went so badly?