Biden Starts Laughing After Hearing Worst Jobs Numbers Since 1998

( The days of President Donald Trump’s record-breaking economy with plummeting unemployment numbers are well and truly over, and President Joe Biden couldn’t help but laugh – literally laugh – at the fact that America is suffering an unemployment crisis with the worst April jobs report since 1998.

Just let that sink in for a second…

On Friday, the president delivered comments on the disappointing (to say the least) jobs report for April, showing how unemployment rose, hiring stalled, and the COVID lockdowns continue to play a part in the national economic slump.

Some 18,000 manufacturing jobs were lost, for instance, and only 266,000 jobs were added nationally. It’s a huge problem for President Joe Biden who has repeatedly claimed that America is “coming back” under his leadership, despite the damage done to the stock market and the nation’s future prospects by his promise to deliver massive tax increases for American businesses.

Unemployment rose to 6.1% under President Biden – and it’s so bad that even left-wing media outlets are slamming him for it.

“The worst miss, we’re told, since ’98,” CNBC lamented.

And here’s the party that is really infuriating – President Biden doesn’t seem to really care.

Not only did he lie and say that April’s job numbers “show we’re on the right track” (what track is he on?) but he even laughed.

Describing how the economy added 266,000 jobs – as if that was some kind of achievement – you can hear him chuckle and see him smile as he said that commentators describe how disappointing the numbers are.

Candidate Joe Biden always promised to run the most transparent administration in American history, but this is yet another lie. America is clearly only on track for more unemployment…