Biden To Cause ‘Catastrophic’ Supply Chain Disaster As Millions Of Truckers Quit Over Vaccine Mandate, Union President Says

( The President of the American Trucking Association just warned how President Joe Biden is about to unleash a massive, catastrophic supply chain breakdown over his crazy new mandate ideas.

ATA President Chris Spear said that Bidens’ recent announcement that all truckers crossing the U.S. land border must be vaccinated will make the current supply chain problems worse, given that some 37% of truckers have said that they will not take the COVID-19 vaccine.

When asked what kind of reaction truckers have on the expected vaccine mandate, he said that his organization’s sample survey showed how more than a third of workers didn’t just say “no” to the vaccine, but said “hell no.”

Spear predicted that it will not just cause a supply chain problem but massive job losses, explaining that even if it was just 3.7% and not 37%, the mandate would still be catastrophic. As it stands, he said, the industry is already short 80,000 truck drivers and that would increase to roughly one-quarter of a million truck drivers if the mandate goes ahead.

Is Biden trying to force people out of work? Help big businesses invest in robotics and AI for driverless vehicles, and ultimately do away with the need of human workers?

What is the incentive here?

“We’ve tried to be very clear with the administration that if you do this, I understand the logic behind it, but if you do this, these are the consequences,” Spear said.

You can hear him say it in the clip shared by the Republican National Committee below:

If Biden implements this mandate before Christmas, then not only will Americans have suffered the most expensive Thanksgiving in history, but Christmas could be ruined for millions of people too.