Biden Tries To Bring Back Obama’s Most Dangerous Agenda

( — A banking insider has issued a stark warning to American citizens and says that the Biden administration is planning to take control of bank accounts and to target Republicans and conservatives. Louis Navellier is a billion-dollar asset manager based in Nevada. He says the plan will go ahead regardless of who wins the 2024 Presidential election and that it has been the aim of the Democrats to implement the idea since the Obama administration.

It’s called the Regulated Liability Network US Pilot and has been described as an experiment. The Federal Reserve has teamed up with major banks including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and HSBC, to implement the plan which, according to Navellier, will amount to a complete overhaul and transformation of the American banking system. In this new system, the government will have complete control over bank accounts, investments, and savings. The expert has alarmingly predicted that citizens will soon be requested to turn their cash over to banks. This will be the end of cash and the introduction of an entirely digitalized currency that leaves the public at the mercy of the banks.

At this point, those who are deemed to hold incorrect political opinions, or engaged in spreading “disinformation” that could harm the state, will have their ability to access their own funds taken away. Navellier warns that even a social media post will bring you to the attention of government agents who will subsequently deny you the ability to purchase daily essentials, including food. He said this represents the re-emergence of President Obama’s “Operation Choke Point.”

Operation Choke Point was an Obama initiative that brought together government agencies in a plot to cut off financial services to small businesses that were politically unfavorable. These included gun stores and small lenders. Ken Blackwell, Domestic Policy Advisor to President Trump, said, “If an industry stood against their political agenda, it was only a matter of bringing the full force of the administrative and regulatory state against that industry as a means of coercion and punishment.”

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