Biden Was Trying To Sell China “Secret Access” To U.S. Energy

( According to reports, documents on Hunter Biden’s laptop reveal that following a Chinese energy magnate’s promise to provide millions of dollars to the Biden family, relatives of President Joe Biden attempted to get China preferential access to American gas.

In 2017, President Biden’s son Hunter, brother James, and their business partners made the shocking attempt to export American liquid natural gas (LNG) to a rival communist country. They planned to assist in constructing the Monkey Island LNG facility in Louisiana using Chinese materials and then sell the gas to China.

Ye Jianming, the founder of the corrupt Chinese energy behemoth CEFC Energy, met with Hunter Biden and presented him with a large diamond.

According to a document sent to Hunter Biden by JiaQi Bao, who advised the future president’s son on energy deals, the cooperation set up to run Monkey Island wanted a Biden-linked company called Hudson West to invest between $350 million and $1.5 billion in the project. But costly U.S. government review process made the investment less attractive.

Monkey Island CEO Greg Michaels told the Biden group that Hudson West would have preferential access to all LNG before other customers. That arrangement would have allowed the investors to sell Monkey Island’s gas to China in large quantities. Michaels also sent Hunter and James Biden “talking points” that said the facility’s equipment would be built in China, then assembled on-site.

Bao informed Hunter Biden in October 2017 that he could now direct American natural gas from other projects to Ye’s business.

Reports show that Sinohawk, a different venture, would involve CEFC, Hunter, Jim Biden, and three additional partners. That project was the one where a provisional agreement said that 10% of the stock would be “owned by H for the big guy” That was an allusion to Joe Biden, according to one of the partners, Tony Bobulinski.

The CEFC deposited $5 million to Hudson West III in August, then moved to Hunter’s company. Money was also transferred to a company owned by James Biden and his wife, Sara.

According to a Senate investigation, when a bank questioned Sara Biden about the transactions, she declined to give any proof, prompting the bank to close the account.
In September, a credit line under the name Hudson West III was established by Gongwen Dong and Hunter Biden. Credit cards linked to the line of credit were sent to Hunter, James, and Sara, which were used for personal expenses.
Reports show the acquisition of a promising LNG terminal project in Louisiana deal fell apart because critical figures were arrested. In 2017, CEFC official Patrick Ho was arrested on corruption and bribery charges.
Soon after Ho’s arrest, CEFC top executive Ye was imprisoned by China. Joe Biden contacted Hunter and left a message concerning the New York Times piece that cited Hunter Biden’s association with Ye, adding, “I think you’re clear.”
Joe Biden knew everything about Hunter’s business.