Biden Wikipedia Page Suddenly Deleted Exposing Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings (This part of the headline is inaccurate)

( The leftwing editors at Wikipedia last week removed the online encyclopedia’s page for Rosemont Seneca Partners claiming that the entry was “not notable.”

Rosemont Seneca is the investment company co-founded by President Biden’s wayward son Hunter Biden that was at the heart of many of Hunter’s dirty foreign business dealings.

There wasn’t an awful lot of information on Rosemont Seneca’s Wikipedia entry, to begin with. Other than noting that the company was founded by Hunter Biden, Chris Heinz, and Devon Archer, the details on the page were a bit thin.

But it wasn’t the lack of detail on the page that prompted its removal.

Archived comments from Wikipedia’s Talk Page reveal the Rosemont Seneca Partners’ entry was deleted because, as one Wikipedia editor explained, the only reason the organization is mentioned is in connection to “its famous founders” Hunter and John Kerry’s step-son Christopher Heinz. This Wiki editor warned that keeping Rosemont Seneca’s entry up runs the risk of the page becoming “a magnet for conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden.”

Some Wikipedia editors on the Talk Page argued that the details on the Rosemont Seneca page be merged with Hunter Biden’s Wikipedia page. But those editors were overruled.

Wikipedia has veered so far to the left in recent years, even its co-founder Larry Sanger now says the supposed online encyclopedia is nothing but propaganda, and the “information” it contains can no longer be trusted.

Last year, Sanger described a “big, nasty, complex game” happening behind the scenes to make entries “say what somebody wants them to say.”

Activist editors pursue their political agendas by whitewashing or rewriting facts and history, including even trying to delete the Wikipedia entry for “Mass killings under communist regimes.”

The Media Research Center’s managing editor, Curtis Houck noted that if Wikipedia had removed an entry to a Trump-linked organization, CNN would have been “dedicating multiple reporters to following the internet trail.”