Biden’s Attempt to Discredit Fox Backfires

( Perhaps instead of pointing the finger of blame at Facebook for all the “misinformation” and “disinformation” about COVID and vaccines, the White House should turn its attention on the guy sitting in the Oval Office.

Last week, President Joe Biden took a trip to Elk Grove Village in the Chicago suburbs to promote his COVID “plan” and his vaccine mandates. And during his bungling speech, President Biden peddled a whole lot of “disinformation.”

At one point, Biden decided to mock Fox News, whom he apparently views as his enemy. Biden set up his attack by chuckling about something he gets a kick out of. Then he leaned forward and did that creepy whispering thing he always does, adding “Fox News. Fox News requires vaccinations for all their employees.”

Problem is, that claim is a lie.

In fact, it is such a lie, even CNN’s fact-checker Daniel Dale called it out. Which is pretty shocking really. Much like Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler, Daniel Dale has done everything humanly possible to avoid fact-checking this thoroughly dishonest president. So imagine just how big a lie it has to be to wake that guy up from hibernation.

Dale quote-tweeted that video adding, “This is not true.” He explained that Fox News doesn’t require vaccinations for their employees. The policy put in place by Fox Corporation in September requires unvaccinated employees to submit to daily testing. Dale added that, despite Biden’s assertion, Fox doesn’t dismiss employees who refuse to get the vaccine.

Dale then pointed out that even Biden’s own federal mandate for companies with over 100 employees doesn’t require they be vaccinated. Instead, the mandate is either to get vaccinated or be tested for COVID at least on a weekly basis.

Dale then observed that Fox’s policy “already goes beyond” what Joe Biden himself is requiring. His conclusion was that Biden’s creepy, whispery claim was false.

No doubt Daniel Dale will now quickly go back into hibernation for another nine months.

But that wasn’t the only false statement Biden made during that speech. He also blamed his complete bungling of the economy on the unvaccinated.

At another point, Biden delivered a heaping helping of COVID “misinformation” when he claimed that those vaccinated for COVID cannot spread the virus to others.