Biden’s Cancer Promises Show He Has Nothing Left, Report Finds

( The man who didn’t have a plan to “shut down” COVID-19 despite promising for a year that he did, is now claiming that he can cure cancer.

Yes, we’re talking about the president.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden said that he intends to reignite the “cancer moonshot project” that aims to reduce the cancer death rate by 50% over the next 25 years. It’s a positive move whatever way you look at it, but President Joe Biden’s insistence that he will simply cure cancer is hard not to roll your eyes at.

On February 2, the president (or a member of his team) wrote on Twitter:

“We can end cancer as we know it.”

Just for a moment imagine how the press would respond if President Trump had made such a promise.

Under the reignited moonshot plan, the Biden administration will issue a call to action for early cancer screening and detection, a nationwide effort that would involve improving access to health services and at-home screening for millions of Americans. Mobile screening may also be set up at local community health centers, which takes some inspiration from the COVID-19 vaccine distribution network.

“We need to get back on track after more than 9.5 million missed cancer screenings in the United States as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Biden said, effectively admitting that the Democrats and left-wingers got it wrong on COVID.

Just how many lives have been lost because of the COVID lockdowns?

The project will also instruct scientists to explore environmental exposures to cancer, and promote the development of procedures that better identify the right treatments for each patient.

Biden said that he is “very confident” that robust funding will be provided to ensure that researchers have the resources they need.

There are many vague promises and it will take time to see if the government’s recommitment to ending cancer will have any effect at all, but we’re sure the whole country is hoping it works.