Biden’s Chief of Staff Tries To Defend 2021’s Failures

( President Joe Biden’s chief of staff is being ridiculed for being completely out of touch.

Ron Klain, the president’s chief of staff, recently retweeted a column with the headline “Let’s be honest: 2021 wasn’t all bad.” Along with a link to the article, which was published in The Hill, Klain wrote “A look back at 2021!”

It didn’t take long for people to jump all over Klain’s back. Many people said he was “living under a rock.” Some people even wondered whether Klain was being sarcastic when he retweeted it, since the United States is currently facing a huge COVID-19 surge as the result of the latest Omicron variant

Other users on Twitter responded by saying Klain was simply “out of touch” with what the real feelings across the country are. They pointed to extremely high prices at the gas pump, inflation and the White House’s botching of the military withdrawal from Afghanistan as examples of how 2021 is actually not good.

In the column that Klain retweeted, the author, Albert Hunt, wrote that he was optimistic about where the United States is headed. At the same time, he recognized the various issues the Biden administration has faced thus far, and that the inflation rate of 5% is certainly “worrisome.”

Hunt wrote that for some people, the “most positive development of 2021” is that Biden is now in the White House instead of former President Donald Trump.

That’s not really reassuring at all, and certainly doesn’t live up to the moniker that 2021 wasn’t all that bad.

Some of the other negatives that Hunt explained in his column was the U.S. unemployment rate sitting at 4.2% while “total wages, including extra hours of work, are slightly outpacing inflation.”

Hunt tried to backtrack a bit when he said the military withdrawal by the Biden administration from Afghanistan in late summer “was painful” and “politically costly” for the president. At the same time, he wrote there was “no good ending” to the situation in Afghanistan that lasted 20 years and cost not only $2 trillion but also thousands of people’s lives.

Users on Twitter criticized Klain for being out of touch when he retweeted the column. One of those users wrote:

“Am I the only one that finds this tweet by the White House Chief of Staff completely out of touch with the reality we’ve all been living the past year?”

Another one wrote, in jest:

“Afghanistan leaving Americans behind, Delta, Omicron, mandate job losses, inflation, supplies shortages … No not all bad.”

While most people look at 2020 as the year of the coronavirus, a Reuters report recently showed that more people have died as a result of COVID-19 in 2021 than the year before. To date, the United States has experienced more than 800,000 deaths due to COVID-19.

The country is now facing a huge surge in new cases and hospitalizations as the Omicron variant has taken over. And this comes after the U.S. dealt with a huge challenge from the Delta variant.