Biden’s DOJ Targeted Trump For Political Reasons Over Rule Of Law

( — In an op-ed at the Washington Examiner, writer Tiana Lowe Doescher argued that the indictment against former President Donald Trump last week could be the Justice Department’s attempt to “take out” President Biden’s likely opponent.

Last Thursday, the Justice Department indicted former President Donald Trump on charges related to the classified document he took with him when he left office that he refused to return to the National Archives even after receiving a subpoena.

In the 49-page indictment, which was filed in the US District Court of the Southern District of Florida in Miami, the former president faces 37 counts, including 31 counts of “Willful Retention of National Defense Information” and 6 additional counts, including obstruction and making false statements.

In her op-ed, Doescher argues that indicting Trump while he is running for president defies the precedent established in 2016 when the Justice Department refused to bring charges against Hillary Clinton for her mishandling of classified documents.

Doescher argues that the only attempt to defeat Trump that succeeded was beating him at the ballot box. She notes that the Russian collusion investigation failed, impeaching him over his phone call with President Zelesnky failed, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation failed.

But Biden defeated Trump “in the only way that is legitimate” at the ballot box.

At the same time, Doescher suggests that this indictment may be less about stopping Trump from being the nominee and more about ensuring that he is.

She writes that Trump’s indictment could “trigger reflexive support” for his campaign among Republican primary voters “rather than disgust.”

According to Doescher, it could be that the so-called “Deep State” is well aware that Biden would not be able to defeat other Republican primary candidates like Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott, or Mike Pence, so it is trying to ensure that Donald Trump drives the news cycle to ensure Republicans hand him the nomination. That way, Biden stands a chance of winning in 2024.

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