Biden’s Executive Order Is A Direct Threat To The U.S. Dollar

( President Biden signed Executive Order 14067 on March 9, 2022.
It’s an evil clause that could grant the government unheard-of authority over your finances and freedom.
This clause prepares the ground for:
The legal government monitoring of every American.
Complete command over your financial affairs and purchases.
The capacity to permanently silence all dissenting voices.
Most Americans are unaware of the direct threat of Executive Order 14067.

According to reports, Robert Kiyosaki, a financial expert and the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” a book about personal finance, has some harsh words for Executive Order 14067 and the potential that the United States could introduce Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

In a tweet, Kiyosaki urged Americans to pay attention. He called President Joe Biden’s executive order the greatest treacherous act in American history, and the establishment of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is “Communism in its purest form.”
Kiyosaki then claimed that Jim Rickards had the most important announcement on the CBDCs and EO 14067. Rickards has four decades of Wall Street expertise and is an economist, investment banker, and former CIA insider.
According to reports, Rickards condemned the CBDC, calling it Bitcoin’s evil cousin.
He believes that ‘C-Day’ will occur on December 13, 2022, disrupting the country’s established financial systems. He predicted that the U.S. currency would crash and paper money would become useless after C-Day. People who hoard too much money would be punished, and essential necessities and consumer spending will also be curtailed.
EO 14067 claims it intends to ensure the responsible development of digital assets, including the creation of federal regulators and policy plans. The EO stated that any upcoming dollar payment system should be designed consistent with United States priorities, democratic values, and privacy protections. It ensures the global financial system has appropriate transparency connectivity and platform interoperability.
In a blog post published last month, the International Monetary Fund claimed that CBDCs could be a more practical alternative than credit and debit cards, especially regarding energy efficiency.

The Biden Administration does everything the International Monetary Fund suggests it should do.