Biden’s FCC Nominee ‘Enemy Of The Press’

( Joe Biden, or more specifically his administration, has nominated an anti-free press radical to the Federal Communications Commission, the pro-censorship crank Gigi Sohn.

It is customary for the five commissioners from the FCC to remain relatively nonpartisan. The party controlling the White House can name three commissioners from its party but must have two commissioners from the opposing party. But in nominating Gigi Sohn, the Biden administration is breaking from the custom of nonpartisanship completely.

Sohn, a Soros-linked radical, is the former CEO of the Leftwing advocacy group Public Knowledge, which recently called on cable and satellite providers to drop One American News Network from their services. Sohn also personally demanded that the FCC investigate whether Sinclair Broadcast Group should hold a broadcast license at all.

If she became an FCC commissioner, there would be nothing stopping Gigi Sohn from following through on these radical demands.

Sohn, in public statements, has also accused both Fox News and social media of being “dangerous to our democracy.” She even called for a Congressional hearing on Fox News, which she labeled “state-sponsored propaganda.”

Nobody should want a pro-censorship, anti-free press crank like Sohn anywhere near the FCC.

And while Republican Senators have been fighting against her nomination, Axios reported last week that some conservative news outlets have expressed their support of Sohn’s nomination.

According to Axios, Newsmax and One America News may be backing Sohn because they see Sinclair Broadcasting Group as a competitor. Like Sohn herself, both OAN and Newsmax opposed the attempted merger between Sinclair and Tribune Media.

Axios quoted a spokeswoman from One America News who conceded that the network has disagreements with Gigi Sohn. But, according to OAN’s spokeswoman, Gigi Sohn confirmed to the network that she does not support “the closing of cable or broadcast outlets based on ideological views” but instead would support independent networks. Therefore, the spokeswoman explained, OAN is supporting her nomination.

That Axios report must have resulted in a bit of blowback against One America News. Because this week, OAN reporter Pearson Sharp interviewed OAN’s founder Robert Herring who warned of Gigi Sohn’s nomination, calling her an “enemy of the press.”

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