Biden’s History Of Attacking Reporters Revealed

( David Rutz wrote for Fox News this week that President Joe Biden’s angry response to a CNN reporter is just the latest example of a pattern of snapping at reporters who asked questions he doesn’t like.

In the piece, Rutz referenced Biden’s angry attack at a CNN reporter who asked him what makes him confident that Russian President Vladimir Putin will change his behavior, following a secretive, behind-closed-doors meeting with the Russian leader in Geneva, Switzerland.

He noted that Biden is sweet as pie when journalists ask him about his favorite ice cream flavor, but whenever the questioning gets tough, he gets angry.

If you didn’t see the exchange Rutz is talking about, you can see it in the clip below.

You’ll see Biden attempting to leave the press conference before turning around, and suggesting that the journalist was in the “wrong business” because she couldn’t understand that the meeting was productive.

It seemed as though Biden just wants journalists to believe him and new question him.

What happened to “verify, then trust,” Mr. Biden?

In case you don’t get that reference, Biden twisted the words of former President Ronald Reagan recently, saying that he would “verify, then trust,” when working with the Russian president. If only he allowed journalists to do the same with him…

Rutz reminded readers about the time that he was asked about his son’s corrupt and illegal behavior, telling reporters before boarding a private plane that it was a “smear campaign.”


Rutz also remembered the time that Biden was asked if he would encourage teachers unions to get children back in school, when he responded by accusing the journalist of “shouting” questions.

You can read the full piece from Rutz here, and it’s illuminating. You might find some more examples of Biden getting angry that you missed during the presidential campaign or shortly after he became president.

How can we trust a man with a temperament this bad?