Biden’s Polling Number Is Worse Than Ever

After Joe Biden’s approval numbers began to slightly increase while he was off hiding on vacation, the media was quick to proclaim that old “Aviator Glasses” Joe was back! 

Yes sir. Things were finally turning around for Joe Biden thanks to Democrats in Congress ramming through the $700 billion “Inflation Reduction Act.” 

But it looks like the media took a premature victory lap. 

In last Tuesday’s Reuters/Ipsos poll, Joe Biden’s approval rating dropped back down to 38 percent. 

Old Joe’s approval has remained below 50 percent for more than a year now, reaching its lowest point earlier this summer when it sank to an abysmal 36 percent. 

The Reuters poll also found that the number one issue for voters heading into the midterm election is the economy. 

Perhaps the momentary uptick had more to do with the fact that Joe Biden all but disappeared over the last few weeks, spending most of his time away from the White House vacationing. But once he returned to the White House to announce he was bailing out affluent college graduates on the backs of the middle class, Biden’s numbers returned to their downward trajectory. 

In the most recent YouGov poll conducted after old Joe unconstitutionally stuck American taxpayers with half a trillion dollars in student loan debt, his approval among Independent voters dropped to its lowest point ever, with only 26.7 of Independents approving of the president and 64.1 percent disapproving. 

What remains to be seen is if Biden’s vitriolic, divisive speech in Philadelphia last Thursday will hurt his polling numbers as well. 

The speech was widely condemned, not just among conservatives but also among some in the Biden-favorable press. 

Many Democrats in vulnerable districts were quick to distance themselves from Biden’s divisive rhetoric, no doubt fearing that voters won’t react favorably to a US President attacking half the country.