Biden’s Thanksgiving Will Be Most Expensive In U.S. History

( Remember how the Biden administration bragged earlier this year that Independence Day would cost Americans pennies less than it did last year?

In case you missed it, here it is:

Yes, the Biden administration bragged that the cost of a July 4 cookout is $0.16 down from the previous year. And if that wasn’t the most incredible thing you’ve seen come from any administration ever, try this on for size:

This year is on track to be the most expensive Thanksgiving in American history.

Former Trump advisor Steve Cortes, who regularly uses his Twitter account to break down data in bitesize and understandable chunks, said that the New York Times now admits that Americans are about to face the most expensive Thanksgiving meal in history.

“I’ve been talking about the Biden Blue Christmas, now it’s going to be a holiday season of exorbitant prices,” he said.

He also broke down the data showing that since Biden was elected, poultry prices – which includes the price of turkey – have gone up by 33%. Propane has almost tripled, which is something many people need for cooking or to heat their homes, and sugar has gone up by 34%.

Not to mention, your Thanksgiving morning coffee is going to be some 100% more expensive than it was since Biden was elected.

Oh, and don’t forget the price of gas when you’re traveling to have dinner with your family…