Big Tech Suppress Claims of Kyle Rittenhouse’s Innocence

( If you accuse Kyle Rittenhouse of being a “domestic terrorist” or a “white supremacist,” Twitter will give you a pass. If you gleefully wish for him to be raped in prison, Twitter has no problem with that. But if you tweet that Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent, Twitter will suspend you.

But this Big Tech suppression didn’t just start during Rittenhouse’s trial. It’s been going on since August 2020.

Immediately after Kyle Rittenhouse was thrust into the national spotlight, social media companies went on a blocking spree, silencing anyone who showed support for the kid.

Facebook went the extra mile removing Rittenhouse’s Facebook and Instagram accounts and blocking any searches for his name.

When someone set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for Rittenhouse’s defense, the fundraising site claimed the account violated its ban on fundraisers involving “the legal defense of alleged crimes associated with hate, violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, terrorism, or intolerance.”

For Big Tech, there is no such thing as innocent until proven guilty.

When alternative funding sites began raising money for Rittenhouse’s defense, the donation lists were hacked and news outlets doxed the donors, no matter how small their donation was.

Meanwhile, a sitting member of the House of Representatives, Hakeem Jeffries, was free to tweet his call to have Rittenhouse tossed in prison “and throw away the key.”

It is hardly surprising that so many people on the Left took to Twitter over the last week to express their surprise that all three men shot by Kyle Rittenhouse were white. They truly did not know. Because the facts of the case were suppressed both on social media and in the American corporate news.

Even now, with the televised trial widely available, Twitter is still suspending and banning users for having the temerity to express their belief that Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent. Facebook is still blocking searches for his name.

Both Big Tech and the American media declared Rittenhouse guilty back in August. And nothing, not facts or evidence, not a crumbling prosecution, will get them to change their minds.