Bill Barr Says Good Progress Made On Russia Probe

( Attorney General William Barr isn’t in President Donald Trump’s good books right now but did confirm on Monday that special counsel John Durham is currently “making good process” in the investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation. It’s good news for President Donald Trump, who was falsely accused of colluding with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election.

Barr also announced on Monday that he didn’t believe a special counsel investigation into the Hunter Biden scandal was necessary, despite shocking business deals that may have even involved his father Joe Biden, being uncovered in the weeks before this year’s election.

In his final press conference before stepping down, Barr said that he expected Durham’s work to bring the investigation to a proper conclusion.

“Before the election, as you know, I designated Joh Durham as special counsel because I wanted to provide him and his team with assurance that they’d be able to finish their work,” he said. “They’re making good progress now and I expect they will be able to finish their work.”

The ongoing investigation looks at the conduct, and likely the misconduct, of the FBI during their investigation into alleged voter fraud. It came after it was revealed that FBI agents acted unethically (to say the least) in the way they questioned retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and that the investigation may have been based entirely on a fake dossier.

Durham has also reportedly hired new investigators to help discover the truth, suggesting we could be in for some interesting revelations in the coming weeks and months…possibly even during an illegitimate Joe Biden presidency.

Barr’s suggestion that he has “not seen a reason to appoint a special counsel” is likely to upset tens of millions of people who voted for Donald Trump knowing that the Biden family had engaged in questionable business practices.

Just weeks before the election, a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden was obtained from a Delaware computer store after he abandoned it at the store following repairs. The laptop revealed how Hunter Biden was making deals off the back of his father’s influence as vice president, and that his father likely knew about those deals.

President Trump may have been treated wrongly by the Democrats, but in time, it looks like the truth behind the Russia hoax could be revealed.