Bill Barr Was Privately Attacking Donald Trump To His Face

( Speaking to PBS, author and Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward claimed that former Attorney General William Barr told Donald Trump during his time in the White House that average suburban voters think he is a “f*cking asshole.”

Barr allegedly told then-President Trump that he should revamp his image to win reelection in 2020.

Woodward made the claim on Wednesday while doing the interview rounds for his new book, “Peril,” which claims to offer accurate insights into Trump’s time in the White House.

He claimed that Barr wanted Trump to win in the 2020 presidential election and would give him “candid advice.” Barr allegedly made the comments to Trump last year, saying that his experience traveling around the country showers that he has many supporters, but that suburban voters just think he’s too mean.

Hear Woodward make the claims here:

The Washington Post journalist, who has repeatedly clashed with former President Trump, said that Trump ultimately didn’t take Barr’s advice when it was given in April of 2020. Barr was allegedly trying to get Trump to change his image so that independent and Republican voters who didn’t like his personality could still vote for him.

But Trump reportedly argued back with Barr, claiming that his supporters would prefer him to “fight” for their cause instead.

One thing is for sure about all of this is that suburban voters who may not be politically active were subjected to over four years of smears by the mainstream press. So it’s entirely possible that they thought Trump was an “asshole.”

What do you think – should Trump have taken Barr’s advice?