Bill Clinton ILLNESS Revealed – Doctors Found Something!

( – On Wednesday, 76-year-old former president Bill Clinton said he had a positive Covid-19 test and was now showing minor symptoms.

“My Covid test came back positive. Bill Clinton said, “I’ve had a few minor symptoms, but basically, I’m doing good and keeping myself busy at home.

He stated that he recommends everyone do the same, especially as we approach the winter months. He said he is grateful to have been vaccinated and boosted, which, he believes, has kept his condition moderate.

Hillary Clinton, 74, a two-time loser for the presidency, tested positive for Covid-19 in March.

“Well, my COVID test came back positive. Despite having a few minor cold symptoms, I feel well. I’m more appreciative than ever of the defense against serious sickness that immunizations can offer. If you haven’t already, be boosted and immunized. In March, Hillary Clinton stated.

In March, a test on Bill Clinton came back negative.

The most recent member of the Presidents’ Club to test positive for the virus is the 42nd President. In the summer of this year, President Joe Biden contracted Covid-19, and in October of that year, President Donald Trump tested positive. Barack Obama, a former president, also had a minor episode earlier this year.

Although the number of Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in the US has remained stable in recent weeks, the virus’ impact is still felt: on average, more than 300 Americans die, and 3,400 are admitted to hospitals with the virus each day, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to the CDC, only 12% of eligible Americans have had their latest Covid-19 booster shot, and roughly 20% of Americans are still totally unvaccinated.
In March 2021, Hillary and Bill Clinton were among the presidents and first women to make an appearance in a public service announcement urging people to take the shot.

Former President Clinton declared in December 2020 that he would volunteer to publicly receive the vaccination to demonstrate its safety to the American people.

Both he and Hillary contracted Covid, and both of them could spread the disease to the vaccinated, despite Biden’s misinformation that taking the shot immunized you and kept you from contaminating others.

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