Bill Gates Now Claims To Know Where COVID Came From

( During an interview on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Tuesday, Noah said the virus’s origin is still wrapped in a great deal of mystery. He asked how we can prevent something from happening when we don’t even know how it came to be in the first place?

Noah said he recognizes that researchers must put in the effort, but how can we sort out the safety and go ahead with confidence?

Bill Gates scoffed at the suggestion that labs working with viruses were responsible. Gates said that Covid-19 resulted from contamination from bats. Period.

Gates shifted the conversation away from a lab leak and toward the transmission caused by animals, claiming that the coronavirus was no different from other viruses that have been linked to animals such as chimpanzees and bats in the past.

Gates said that we should be cautious about lab safety, but there is no doubt in this situation that it was brought into the country by animals. Gates added that practically all human illnesses, such as HIV, originated in chimpanzees in Africa thousands of years ago.

He said bats were the source of Ebola, and bats were the source of Covid as well. Therefore, it is likely that this will continue, especially in light of climate change, where we are consuming large areas of habitat, and you want to capture it as soon as possible.

However, in contrast to Gates’ assertion regarding the origins of the coronavirus, an increasing number of experts across the globe are taking a closer look at the notion that it started in a Wuhan, China, laboratory before escaping in some way.

Despite extensive testing by experts from the World Health Organization in China in the region believed to be the source of the epidemic, no animal has yet been identified as having the coronavirus.