Bill Gates Predicts Doom For Google By AI

( — Bill Gates has predicted doom for Google by artificial intelligence, saying that as AI is integrated into the tech industry more, the search engine is going to become less relevant, according to Breitbart. In a podcast interview, Gates said that Google’s profits are likely set to decline as the race to dominate the AI-powered search engines begin.

Gates made the remarks during an episode of “In Good Company,” hosted by Nicolai Tangen, who is the head of the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund. He noted that Google has enjoyed total domination in the profits coming from searches, but claimed that as AI takes over the space, Microsoft is ahead of the game.

The comments come after Microsoft stated that it will bring AI into its search engine, Bing, and its browser, Edge, as reported by The Epoch Times. Bing’s new optimization is causing people to speculate that it might be the beginning of the end for Google, which has dominated the search engine industry for over two decades.

The innovation comes as Bing tailgates Google as the second most-used search engine globally. But the difference between the two engines is still wide enough to cast doubt over Google’s ability to be easily sidestepped as Bing holds just 9% of the world’s traffic and Google holds 83%, according to Statista. Breitbart reports that Bing holds just three percent of the world’s traffic while Google holds 93%.

Gates also predicted that AI would come to dominate the decade as the “biggest thing” and said that it will include the integration of various services. Talking about the user-interface relationship, Gates said that it’s eventually not going to matter who service has the best price if one is looking for a gift or a trip because the technology is going to “know you so well.”

Some are not so excited about AI, however, fearing that it is “woke.”

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