Bill Gates To Launch Nuclear Projects Targeting U.S.

( Not content with collaborating on a project that will literally scatter particles in the sky to reflect sunlight, Microsoft founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates is reportedly working with Warren Buffett on launching a “game-changing” nuclear power plant in Wyoming.

Nuclear power is famously controversial, but it is also an extremely efficient (and relatively green) source of energy.

On June 2, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon announced that a coal-fired plant that is expected to be retired soon will be replaced with a next-generation nuclear power plant that will generate long-lasting jobs in the state. The plant will be the result of an ongoing investment with Bill Gates’ “TerraPower” and “Pacificorp” which is owned by Warren Buffett.

The plant will use new technology that makes nuclear power safer than ever. The small advanced reactors don’t run on the same kind of fuel as traditional nuclear reactors, and are completely carbon-free. It’s a green energy source that actually maintains Americans jobs and doesn’t require the total destruction of our landscape with wind farms.

Gates told a press conference in Cheyenne, Wyoming, that the “Natrium” reactor will be a “game-changer for the energy industry.”

He described the technology as providing the “fastest and clearest” course for the United States to become carbon negative.

Governor Mark Gordon added that nuclear power is part of his “all of the above strategy” for generating energy in Wyoming, which is currently the most coal-producing state.

Also known as “salt reactors,” the new technology uses sodium to cool reactors and uses molten salt to store energy. The powerplant could produce as much as 500MW during peak demand and last year TerraPower said that a plant would cost $1 billion to install.

If that’s the case…can you imagine how many President Joe Biden could fund if he redirected that $6 trillion planned for “infrastructure” in next year’s budget to actually developing…infrastructure?

As far as green energy goes, these power plants are probably the best option on the table. But then again, not everyone likes nuclear…

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