Bill Maher Shows Seth MacFarlane Why People Vote for Trump

( — During last Friday’s broadcast of “Real Time” with Bill Maher, the host got into a dispute with his guest, “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane, over the far-left’s insane views, The Blaze reported.

In the Overtime segment, Maher and his guests were discussing some of the views held by the left that Maher suggested were “kookier” than what Donald Trump and his supporters believed.

MacFarlane was particularly stunned by Maher’s suggestion that the reason so many voters supported Donald Trump was because they opposed a lot of the crazier ideas pushed by the left.

Maher cited the push to allow men to compete in women’s sports and cited a 2022 article in The Atlantic that argued against separating sports by gender by claiming that the differences between men and women were “just socialization.” Maher declared the premise “insane” and asked for panelist Stephen A. Smith’s take.

Smith, a sports commentator, agreed.

Maher added that this was one example of why people vote for Donald Trump, explaining that people look at the things the left is pushing and, despite thinking Trump is “horrible,” decide to support him because his views make more sense.

MacFarlane disagreed, suggesting that someone supporting Trump because they don’t want men playing in women’s sports would be like “cutting off your nose to spite your face.”

Maher offered to explain once and for all why people might vote for Donald Trump.

He said people don’t necessarily vote for Trump “because they like him.” They vote for him because the stuff on the left is “kookier to people.” A stunned MacFarlane dismissed Maher’s explanation, incredulously asking if the left’s views are “kookier than trashing the Capitol?”

Maher suggested that the left’s views were kookier. He asked Smith what he thought would happen if the NBA combined with the WNBA.

Smith said if LeBron James competed against the WNBA, his average score per game would jump from 25 to 70 points.

Later in the discussion, MacFarlane blasted Donald Trump for disseminating so much “bullsh*t” that he is “like Biff in ‘Back to the Future’ getting dumped on by the manure truck.”

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