Birth of the Democratic Party

Birth of the Democratic Party

( – When the Constitution was signed, and America’s government was born, you could see the beginnings of the political system start to form. Federalists and Anti-Federalists battled one another at that time, and eventually, their conflict led to the Bill of Rights.

Soon thereafter, the formation of the Democratic Party started to take shape, but it was not what you recognize today.

1824 Election

The Democratic Party was originally known as the Democratic-Republican Party. In 1824, four members of the group ran against each other for president. Although Andrew Jackson won the popular vote, the House ultimately chose John Quincy Adams as the winner.

This angered Jackson’s supporters, and they responded by founding the Democratic Party in 1828. Jackson ran again and won the presidency.

Civil War

In 1854, the Republican Party was born out of opposition to the spread of slavery across the territories. Democrats were livid. When President Abraham Lincoln (R) issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, Southern Democrats were embroiled in a Civil War aimed at breaking away from the US so they could keep their economy intact.

After the Union defeated the Confederacy, Southern Democrats continued to oppose the Reconstruction era. During this period, groups like the KKK were born, and black people were fighting a whole new enemy.

As black people were defending themselves against Democrats, Republicans were protecting them in Congress. The GOP was firmly in control and able to pass the Civil Rights Amendments, giving black people the right to vote and officially ending slavery.

Modern-Day Democrats

The Democratic Party doesn’t much talk about its past these days. Instead, they’ve been working to take down the statues that reveal their past. However, without acceptance and understanding of history, the country would not be able to continue growing.

These days the Democratic Party campaigns on a platform that its founders wouldn’t believe. Once a party of limited government, the Left fights to expand it every day.

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