BIZARRE: George Floyd Holograms Will Be Projected Onto Confederate Statues

( People from every walk of life were horrified when the footage of George Floyd being killed during an arrest in Minneapolis was shared online. His death immediately sparked fresh discussion about the issue of police brutality, but the revolutionary Marxist organization “Black Lives Matter” quickly picked up the issue and ran with it.

Ever since, far-left activists either from BLM or Antifa (or various other left-wing groups) have engaged in violent protests in American cities. As well as riots and the destruction of police buildings, extremist rioters have also torn down Confederate statues in protest.

If you didn’t think things were already crazy, then get this – activists are now displaying holograms of George Floyd over Confederate statues.

On Tuesday night, the hologram was displayed on a vandalized statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia. The organizers of the bizarre display will now tour the country along with members of Floyd’s family.

You can see footage of the display below. It’s certainly a sight to behold…

The hologram was paid for by the George Floyd Foundation with support from, the online petition website. It is a part of a campaign called “A Monumental Change: The George Floyd Hologram Memorial Project.”

The project says it aims to “transform spaces that were formerly occupied by racist symbols of America’s dark Confederate past into a message of hope, solidarity and forward-thinking change.”

Well, at least they’re not tearing the statues down…

The organization appears to buy into the narrative of Black Lives Matter that America suffers from a “systemic racism” problem which is the reason why Floyd died. Black Lives Matter and its supporters do not seem to want to consider the possibility that the man who is responsible for his death might just be a bad cop.

Expect to see this hologram in the news for weeks and months to come.