Black Conservatives Blast DeSantis Over New FL Curriculum

( — A black conservative group fell hook, line, and sinker for Vice President Kamala Harris’ false claims about Florida’s black history curriculum and last week released a statement condemning the curriculum the group clearly didn’t read.

In a statement last Wednesday, the Black Conservative Federation sided with Kamala by claiming the curriculum “undermines the historical reality of slavery” and the “hardships endured” by millions of slaves, The Hill reported.

In reality, the Florida curriculum does nothing of the sort.

The group outlines the realities of what slaves endured without realizing that everything it listed is included in the curriculum.

The group also claimed that the positions in the curriculum “dismiss and misrepresent the experiences of marginalized communities” (this, of course, is a lie) and said it will “alienate potential supporters.”

Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds also embraced Vice President Harris’ false claims about the state’s curriculum but quickly did an about-face after he was hammered by conservatives for falling for Harris’ lies.

In a recent article in National Review, Charles C.W. Cooke took apart Vice President Harris’ demagoguery over Florida’s African American History curriculum, describing her claim as a “brazen,” “astonishing,” and “evil” lie.

In his article, Cooke includes every mention of slavery, abolition, and civil rights that appears in the African American History standards and points out that Harris is zeroing in on only one of 191 items while ignoring everything else.

Cooke argued that by claiming African American history is being “whitewashed” in Florida, Harris is “lying to a degree that is impressive even for her.”

In an interview with Fox News host Bret Baier on Monday, DeSantis again hit back at the vice president and the media over the attacks on Florida’s curriculum, vowing that he would not “bend the knee” to their lies, but will instead “push back.”

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