Black Democrat Operative Blows The Whistle On Shady Political Campaigns

( There’s a really good reason Texas Democrat lawmakers fled the state in order to prevent the Texas Legislature from taking up the current voter integrity bill. It has absolutely nothing to do with protecting “voter rights” and everything to do with protecting the right of Democrats to defraud elections.

The Democrat lawmaker leading the flee-bagging Texas Democrats is Senfronia Thomas who represents the Houston area of Harris County, Texas. And Harris County is apparently a hot-bed of voter fraud – at least that’s what Democrat operative Gerry Monroe claimed in his April 21, 2021 testimony before the Committee on Elections.

In his testimony (see video HERE), Monroe testified that he witnessed ballot harvesters take $22,000 in pay. The ballot harvesters, according to Monroe, were soliciting for ballots in nursing homes. What’s more, Monroe claimed that at one polling place he knew of, poll workers kept on hand spare IDs for those voters who did not have a valid ID to vote.

Monroe told the Committee on Elections that his community of Houston is suffering because the “kingmakers” cheated in the last election.

This video also includes testimony from Aubrey Smith who also alleged a massive ballot harvesting operation – with some ballot harvesters collecting up to 400 ballots in a day. Like Monroe, Smith testified that there were “dream team” harvesters that went into nursing homes with blank ballots that later got filled out by the harvesters.

Democrats like Senfronia Thomas don’t want to see an end to voter fraud in Harris County. So Senfronia high-tailed it to DC in order to prevent a vote on the new legislation aimed to stop it. It’s as simple as that.

Last week, the National File published to Rumble a video interview they did with Gerry Monroe in which they discussed the massive voter fraud operations occurring in Harris County, Texas.

Given the shenanigans going on in Houston, it’s beginning to make sense how an imbecile like Sheila Jackson Lee keeps getting elected to Congress. It also explains how someone as dense as Senfronia Thomas managed to win a seat in the Texas Legislature.

In case you missed it, here is a video of South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace utterly destroying Senfronia Thomas during a House hearing in late July.