Black Lives Matter Support Collapses

( There was a time when the name “Black Lives Matter” fooled enough people into believing that the organization truly cared about racial equality, but after a year of unprecedented violence and riots in the streets of hundreds of American cities, the far-left organization’s approval ratings have plummeted.

According to an analysis from the far-left New York Times, media and corporate efforts at promoting Black Lives Matter are failing, with Americans increasingly opposing the radical street movement.

The report by Hakeem Jefferson and Jennifer Chudy, was published one year after the death of George Floyd, the criminal who was killed during an arrest in May last year. Immediately following Floyd’s death, Black Lives Matter’s popularity enjoyed a brief spike, with people rallying behind the idea that Floyd was murdered because of systemic racism within the police.

Once protests spread to over 140 cities across the country, Black Lives Matter reached peak support, according to the report. The data showed that the group had a +20 percentage points approval rating among Americans by June 1. This was the same point that former President Donald Trump threatened to deploy the military to stop the protests – before he was ultimately advised against it by fellow Republicans, and chose to pressure governors to request the support of the National Guard instead.

By June 3, the protests were completely out of control. Entire sections of cities were burned down, including Kenosha, Wisconsin’s Black business district – ironically. The sad destruction of American lives and businesses quickly exposed the extremist nature of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the New York Times report revealed that support for the group is now roughly the same as it was in 2019 – around +5 percentage points favorability.

But given the violence we’ve seen over the last year…isn’t that still too much support?

You can see the data visualized in the tweet below.

And if you for some reason want to read the New York Times report, which you’ll find here, you’ll see some more data showing how support for BLM has dropped even among Democrats.

Shouldn’t that tell them something?