Black Woman Arrested For Pretending To Be KKK

( By now you’ve probably seen a million stories about hate crimes being coordinated by the so-called victims, so we’re sure you won’t be surprised to learn that a Black woman has just been charged with making terror threats to her neighbors in notes she claimed were from the Ki Klux Klan.

According to the Douglasville Police Department, 30-year-old Terresha Lucas has been charged with eight counts of making terroristic threats after she claimed to be a KKK member and threatened to burn down the homes of her neighbors and murder them.

In the letters, the woman allegedly claimed to be a white male with a long beard and said she is from outside of the community. The campaign of making threats began with leaving racist letters in her neighbors’ mailboxes in December last year.

Douglasville detective Nathan Shumaker said that the notes told her neighbors that they don’t belong in the neighborhood.

If the accusations are true, then it could mean that Lucas was trying to create an environment of fear she could blame on far-right extremists…or that she just really dislikes her neighbors.

Speaking to the local CBS station, one of the neighbors who received a note said that it repeatedly used the N-word, talked about hanging people and killing children, and more.

Wouldn’t the reference to the KKK be the first giveaway that this is fake? How many people are in the KKK anymore?

After the first notes were sent in December, additional notes were left in the mailboxes on February 17 and 22, and March 1 and 3. A final note was then received on September 6, after neighbors stopped receiving them for six months.

It was this final letter that gave officers the evidence they needed to prove that Lucas was responsible, and after officers obtained a search warrant they discovered additional evidence in her home that tied her to the letters.

Do the Democrats not realize that victim culture is creating monsters like this?