Blake Shelton Is Leaving “The Voice”

( – In a recent interview, country music star Blake Shelton opened up about his impending departure from “The Voice” and what it’s like to be the father of three stepsons.

The 46-year-old country singer, who is married to pop star Gwen Stefani, told People magazine that he wanted them to focus on raising their three children.

Shelton said raising his three stepsons taught him that he is more than a country singer. He is “someone they actually lean on.”

Shelton announced his upcoming retirement from “The Voice” in October, saying he and Stefani spent their careers on the road but are now content with staying close to home to raise their family.

Shelton, who started with “The Voice” more than a decade ago, told People that it took him so long to leave because “it’s a hard thing for me to let go of.”

When he started on “The Voice,” Shelton was ten years into his career as a country singer. He told People that he didn’t make it to the A-level in country music until he became a coach. He said working on “The Voice” brought a lot more to him than what he brought to the show.

But Shelton is walking away from it to prioritize his wife and their three boys.

And while he concedes that he may miss out on some important things, for now, the most important thing is their children. He said despite being their stepfather, he takes the job of parent “very seriously” and the children see him “as a very important person in their life.”

Shelton explained that while he’s made plenty of money, “you can’t buy back time.” He told People that he didn’t want to regret anything.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani began dating in 2015 after they met on the set of “The Voice.” They were married in July 2021.

Stefani’s three sons, Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo, are from her marriage to singer Gavin Rossdale.

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