BLM Chapter Co-founder Uses Racial Slur During Rant

( Hawk Newsome, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, referred to New York City Mayor Eric Adams as “a coon” in a statement released on Thursday.

Newsome appeared on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, where he backed BLM while slamming Adams.

An excerpt from Adams’ appearance on Spectrum News NY1 on April 14 was played throughout the program.

Adams asked where all of the people who have proclaimed that Black Lives Matter gone? Because if the lives of Black people are important, he said, then the hundreds of people who were out on the streets when Floyd was killed should still be out on the streets declaring that the lives of the Black children who die every night are important.

George Floyd was a Black man who was slain by then-Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin in 2020 when Chauvin placed his left knee on Floyd’s neck while Floyd was in detention.

Adams remarked that BLM “can’t be hypocrites.”

Bill Hemmer, co-host of America’s Newsroom, said that he would also add that White people’s lives are important and that everyone’s life matters. He pointed out to Newsome that the mayor is implying that not even all black lives matter to BLM, and what would he say to the mayor if he had the chance.

Newsome took offense, saying that he “liked” the way Hemmer slipped the “White Lives Matter” into the conversation.

Newsome said that when Black people are subjugated and do not get justice, no one notices, and nothing occurs, but when anything happens to a White person, the world moves.
Newsome redirected the conversation back to the mayor, saying that despite being the mayor of a Democrat city, he often uses conservative and Republican talking points. And at the end of the day, there is a term for someone who behaves in this manner.
That is when Newsome called Mayor Adams a “coon.”

Hemmer was appalled.

Newsome continued and said he is not a Black guy — he is a White man dressed in blackface, and he is a pretty conservative-minded White man, to boot.

He also said that Adams is a guy who has hundreds of employees on the city’s payroll, billions of dollars in the city’s budget, and 40,000 police officers. He had ten gunshot victims in one night, and when asked what he would do about law enforcement, he said, “What about the BLM?”

Newsome was remarkably self-satisfied that he had made his point, that Adams is a “coon.”