Blue-Controlled City Considering Millions Of Dollars In Reparations

( — The Board of Supervisors in the Democrat-controlled city of San Francisco is considering making a payment of $5 million each to every black resident in compensation for slavery. The plan has been described as inevitable by board members, though the particulars are yet to be agreed upon. The amount is also up for debate, but the figure of $5 million is on the table. The payment is compensation for “systemic racism” which has yet to be clearly defined, as well as a history of slavery. The board has decided it does matter that individuals in San Francisco today have not been subjected to slavery, or that the practice had already been abolished by the time California joined the United States.

The panel has been weighing up a series of proposals. These include giving all black residents a yearly income of $97,000 for life, the elimination of the taxpaying responsibility of black people, or the opportunity to purchase a home for $1.

It isn’t clear how the proposals will be paid for, or even who will be eligible. There are less than 50,000 black people in the city, and it has not been decided whether all of them should receive a payment. Critics say that taxpayers who never owned slaves should not have to pay people who never were slaves, but left-wing proponents have said that “systemic racism” should also be compensated.

California became the first state in the nation to consider such ideas following the formation of a task force in 2021, a year after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the widespread rioting and destruction caused by the far-left Black Lives Matter group. The nine members of the task force were appointed by liberal Governor Gavin Newsom, and none of them are white. Lisa Holder, a panel member and civil rights attorney, said, “I’m so thankful to my ancestors, who survived so much trauma, so much pain, so much tragedy, so much brutality, so that I could live.”

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