Blue State County Wants Secession

( – As part of the Greater Idaho movement to “relocate the Oregon/Idaho border to make both states better,” Wallowa County in eastern Oregon submitted a petition to force a ballot initiative in 2023 that would transfer the county from GOP-led Idaho to Democrat-led Oregon.

The website for the Greater Idaho movement quotes Matt McCaw, a spokesman, saying, “Last month, two significant statewide ballot initiatives received 51% of the vote. That indicates that eastern Oregon narrowly missed vetoing them by one percentage point. If they stopped holding eastern Oregon, hostage and allowed our communities to join Idaho, western Oregon would be free of our interference.”

Wallowa is the 12th county in Oregon to vote to secede and join Idaho. The County Clerk will put an initiative on the May 2023 Wallowa County ballot if it receives enough signatures. Eleven other counties have approved the Greater Idaho-sponsored ballot measure.

It would take the efforts of legislatures in Idaho, Oregon, and the US Congress to make the change before the counties could officially transfer from one state to another.

In a close race that featured GOP nominee Christine Drazen, Democrat Tina Kotek won the election for governor of Oregon in November.

McCarter reportedly said that if western Oregon doesn’t like the risk of being compelled to accept the governor candidate it voted against, it should just stop holding counties captive “in this unhappy marriage.”

“Actually, since we’re not dissolving a family, it’s not even as dramatic as a divorce. Redistricting a utility provider is similar to moving a state border, “McCarter threw in.
McCraw claimed that Oregon has “two cultures” and used a gun control initiative as an illustration on the Greater Idaho website.

McCaw said a Harney County judge would not have prevented Oregon’s gun control initiative from becoming law statewide if Harney County had been disregarded when the state voted in favor of our measure. Now, while he decides the case, his injunction might remain in effect for a few years.

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