Bob Saget’s Autopsy Draws More Intense Speculation After Findings

( When comedian Bob Saget died, the country mourned. The 65-year-old comic was found dead in a hotel room after taking the COVID-19 vaccine, and an autopsy even showed that he had COVID at the time of his death. But that’s not how or why he died. Instead, it was believed that Saget died may have died of a head injury, a stroke, or a heart attack.

But now, more details about his death have been released. An autopsy performed by doctors and neurologists suggests that when Saget was found in his Florida Ritz-Carlton hotel room in January, he had suffered major head trauma.

According to the autopsy, Saget had seriously hit the back of his head, thought nothing of it, and then decided to go to sleep.

While it’s certain at this point that Saget died as a result of trauma to his head, some experts have said that the severity of the head injury is not characteristic of an individual suffering a regular fall.

Gavin Britz, a neurosurgeon at Houston Methodist medical center, told The New York Times that it is “significant trauma” and that kind of injury one would expect to see from somebody who has been hit by a baseball bat or fallen from a height of 30 feet.

In other words, Saget should have needed immediate medical attention or should have known that he needed medical attention.

Another neurologist, Dr. Jason Freeman, also told MSNBC that he believes the autopsy report poses questions about his injuries. He explained that doctors usually see accidental head injuries occurring in the bathroom when people slip on water and hit the back of their head on the floor or door. However, these injuries apparently are much worse than anything seen in a typical bathroom head injury.

Freeman said that the degree of the fractures, particularly in the frontal and orbital bones, is usually seen in high-impact traumas that might come from a car accident.

So did Saget get in a fight? Did somebody attack him?

We may never know. Saget’s family have filed a lawsuit requesting that details of his death remain confidential, arguing that releasing more findings from the autopsy would cause “anguish” among the public.

What happened to Bob Saget?