Body Found In An Arby’s Freezer

( — The popular slogan for Arby’s is that they “have the meats.” But no one expects that to include a dead human body. Police are investigating the death of a man whose body was found in an Arby’s freezer last week, according to The Daily Wire. The body was identified as the manager of the New Iberia, Louisiana restaurant.

Police found her at around 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 11, and are suspecting that it was an accident. Police Captain Leland Laseter, head of criminal investigations, told reporters that it was “unusual.” He added that after processing the crime scene they are saying that the death does not appear to be homicide, just accidental.

While he called the death “suspicious,” he said that no “foul play” was uncovered in their investigation. But Laseter assured that they are not making an official determination until after the cause of death is ruled by the medical examiners.

As the case remains under investigation, Laurel Sprague, the Brand Reputation Manager, released a statement on behalf of the restaurant. She said that the franchisee is cooperating with the police and noted that they will not say anything more because the investigation is still open.

In May 2022, Arby’s experienced another strange incident where the night manager in Vancouver, Washington was caught on video urinating in the milkshake mix, according to The Daily Wire. Police were also investigating Stephen Sharp for distributing explicit child materials.

The footage was discovered after the Vancouver Police Department executed a search warrant. Sharp later confessed to having urinated in the mix for gratification. An Arby’s spokesperson told reporters that these actions were “abhorrent and unacceptable” and said that they have fired the employee and are cooperating with law enforcement.

Sharp speculated that he was “almost sure” he threw away the bag mix after urinating in it, but said that there was the possibility he did not and it was served to people the next day.

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