Bombshell On Tucker Carlson’s Show – “Want To Replacement Voters…”

( J.D. Vance, a candidate vying to be the Republican nominee for the Ohio United States Senate race, made Mediaite angry last week when he admitted a simple truth:

The Democrats want to change the ethnic make-up of the United States through mass immigration and illegal immigration in order to establish a permanent Democrat majority in Congress.

Speaking to Tucker Carlson on his prime-time Fox News show, Vance apparently echoed the “Great Replacement” theory – a theory that left-wing news outlets call a conspiracy theory while at the same time celebrating the fact that America is getting less and less white.

The theory is that white Americans are becoming a minority in the lands where their ethnic groups originate, as well as in the United States. Statistically, it’s what is happening – but Democrats and media outlets like to call anybody who admits it a “racist” or “far-right.”

Vance acknowledged this in the interview, explaining how Democrats have decided that they can’t win reelection in 2022 and other future elections “unless they bring in a large number of new voters to replace the voters that are already here.”

Somehow that’s controversial. At least, Mediaite thought so, because the outlet chose to recklessly and unfairly label Vance “far-right” – or at least claim that he was “echoing far-right conspiracy theories.”

“We have an invasion in this country because very powerful people get richer and more powerful because of it. It’s not a bad policy, it’s evil, and we need to call it that,” Vance said about Democrats’ efforts to import a new, more loyal voting base.

Tucker agreed, of course.

And let’s be honest, most Americans see this and recognize this too…

Check out the interview here.