Border Arrests Soar To Most In Nation’s History

( The number of illegal aliens apprehended by the border agents since President Joe Biden took office is nearing two million, with U.S. authorities reporting that a record 1.7 million were caught trying to cross the border in fiscal year 2021.

And that doesn’t include the number of illegal aliens who successfully crossed the border without getting caught.

The Washington Post first reported the data from Customs and Border patrol last Wednesday, and this full set of data is expected to be released by the agency sometime this week.

As soon as Joe Biden entered the White House in January and ordered the construction of the southern border wall to be halted, the number of illegals jumping the border and traveling across Mexico and the rest of the southern continent to enter the U.S. increased dramatically. The administration first tried to play the problem off as being consistent with historic trends, but the number of people being apprehended has just kept on increasing.

And as those numbers increase, President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are going down.

You may remember that Biden first tried to hand the issue over to Vice President Kamala Harris, but her unpopularity proved to be even more fragile than though, with people widely condemning her for pretending to care about the issue. She was even forced to visit the border – albeit, a less chaotic part of the border – only after former President Donald Trump announced that he would be visiting the border with Republican senators.

The largest single group of illegal aliens to enter into the United States over the last fiscal year was Mexican nationals. More than 608,000 Mexican citizens were arrested, which suggests that Kamala Harris’ visits to Mexico to discuss how to stop people leaving the country…didn’t work.

The second-largest category is only listed as “other,” and refers to people who come from Venezuela, Haiti, Ecuador, Cuba, and Brazil.

If 2 million have entered in only one year, then Biden could have at least eight million additional voters by the time of the next election – depending on whether he can successfully give these illegal aliens a pathway to citizenship.